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Plant Healthy Applied Summer 2023 Number:   0053     

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British Grown Bareroot Hedging and Trees

Our Services

Trees & Hedging

Currently we are producing two million broadleaf and conifer trees and hedging plants to sell to the forestry, landscape and agricultural markets. We have plans to be producing over five million trees in the next 3-4 years, whilst working with other nurseries to offer a full range of planting materials to meet the needs of most planting schemes. Building on our strong relationships within the UK nursery industry we can offer a full range of trees and hedging to complement our home grown offer.

Planting Accessories

Our planting accessory range offers solutions for all your tree and plant protection requirements, to ensure the health, survival and sustainability of your planting practices. Our range is suitable for all commercial and domestic landscapes. Ensuring your plants thrive and are protected from weeds, pets and the extremes of UK weather conditions.

the grower cornwall maintenance

Planting & Maintenance

We are pleased to offer new tree planting and maintenance services across Cornwall, providing all the necessary equipment. We hold certification in NPTC PA1 and NPTC PA6AW spraying, to give you assurance of high quality and thoughtful planting services. This is backed up with our ongoing investment in our people and machinery.

Tree Count

Trees Sold


Trees sold across the UK from the Lizard in Cornwall, to Newport, Wales all the way up to Loch Lomond in Scotland.

Trees Planted


Trees planted as part of our turn-key solution to the supply and planting of trees across Cornwall and the South West.

Presingoll Trees


Trees planted on Presingoll Farm as part of our own commitment to nature recovery.

Our Aims

As we grow our business, we will work to industry standards and our own personal aims. We are committed to the ‘Green Revolution’ that is happening and hope to play our part. So far, we have planted thousands of trees across the farm and have plans for further woodland creation and hedgerow restoration.

Forest For Cornwall

The Grower is delighted to work closely with the Forest for Cornwall which aims to support and empower the people of Cornwall to tackle the climate and ecological emergency through tree planting. Supplying quality trees and management services, The Grower has enabled the creation of successful woodland projects across the county.

Professional Memberships & Stakeholders

We are passionate about our industry and work with the following organisations to ensure our commitment to quality and professionalism.

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